Wedding Reception Planning Lexington, KY

When it comes to wedding reception planning in Lexington, Kentucky, Oasis Productions can help you with all of the details.When it comes to wedding reception planning in Lexington, KY, Oasis Productions can help you with all of the details.  Whether your wedding dream is a small intimate reception or a grand affair to include hundreds of guests, Oasis Productions has the expertise to make your special day a reality.

Your wedding is one moment that will become part of your story for the rest of your life.  Oasis Productions brings personalized detail to your special day.  From quietly elegant to wonderfully extravagant, Oasis Productions helps plan it all.  We work with our clients to create memorable experiences, whether working with classic elements or the latest cutting edge trends.  Oasis strives to bring your dreams to life. 

At the heart of every event is the client.  It is our experience, drive and dedication to each client that helps create events tailored to their dreams.  We understand that you are about to make some really big decisions regarding your wedding reception planning and we know how busy today’s couples can be.  Oasis Productions can take the stress off of you and your family.

Our objective at Oasis Productions is to help you have the most wonderful planning period.  It is our goal to help design each wedding reception to be as perfect as can be.  We want our brides and grooms to really enjoy their wedding day.

Before you start to get overly stressed about planning your wedding reception, take a deep breath and try this exercise.  Think about the best events you’ve ever attended, not as a host, as a guest.  They probably all had one thing in common, you felt like the host really cared that you had the best time.  As Oasis Productions works with you to plan your wedding reception, try to look at everything from your guests’ perspective.  What do your guests actually need and want in order to have an amazing time.  If your guests are uncomfortable in any way, they’re probably not going to remember your event so fondly. 

Your wedding reception is a chance to welcome your closest loved ones after you tie the knot.  Turn to Oasis Productions for all of your wedding reception planning in Lexington, KY.  All the details of your reception are an opportunity to represent who you are as a couple.  With so many moving parts, where do you begin?  That’s where Oasis Productions comes in.  Our wedding reception checklist explains how to plan a reception with clarity and ease.

Every wedding celebration is divided into two main parts of the day: the ceremony and the reception.  Though both parts of the wedding showcase you and your partner, your wedding reception should incorporate and engage your family and friends too.  Everything from the creative reception activities to the wedding reception songs help to bring the two sides of your world together for an unforgettable day.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan a wedding reception:

  • Determine the wedding date before you actually start looking for locations for the reception.
  • Determine your reception budget.
  • Determine the key elements of your reception.
  • Determine seating arrangements.
  • Determine what your reception menu will be.

Wedding reception planning with Oasis Productions means you’ll receive personalized attention and superior service.  We’ll work with you throughout the entire wedding planning process from start to finish.  We’ll assist you with all of the wedding reception planning details.

Oasis Productions has years of experience in wedding reception planning in Lexington, KY.